Nubian Dairy Goats in Michigan since 2005

*B Saada Bearly Adonijah EX 91 EEE    SOLD

Semen available 5 straws $100
20 straws available    G6S normal through blood test

Lynnhaven D  Andromedar "Andy"     SOLD


Easy-Stream WM Sugar Twin    Deceased

Ain-Ash-Shams Davy Jones  D.o.b 05/25/07    SOLD
B* Saada Khair-Ed-Din EX 91 X Saada Lovey Dove EX 90      

LA YS V (Ec,V,V)
pale blond

G6S normal through parentage
Semen available $75 for 5 straws

Ain-ash-shams Barbosa D.o.b 04/29/07     SOLD
B* Saada Khair-Ed-Din EX  91 X Easy-Stream WM Sugar Twin V 88 with E in udder


G6S normal trough parentage
Semen available $75 for 5 straws    

Barbosa has the longest ears i have ever seen on a buck. He inherited the dairyness from his dam Sugar with lots of bone from his sire Khair-ed-din.