Nubian Dairy Goats in Michigan since 2005

We are sold out and will not offer any animals for the near furure








 Conditions to buy a Kid from us

An  animal may be reserved with a $100 deposit, with the remainder of the purchase price due after the kid is born. Please make second and third choice in case your first choice kid is not born. Deposits on cancellations are not refundable. However, if your kid is not born we send it back to you.
We may carry the deposit over to the next kidding season but can not guaranty the same price.  Kids should be picked up or shipped by three weeks of age. A boarding fee of $4 per day will be charged after that time if no other arrangements are made prior to that. Animals that remain unpaid for after three weeks notice (unless special arrangements have been made prior to that time), may be resold to another buyer and any money paid will be forfeited. For a small fee, we  transport kids to the Metro Airport in Detroit. Transportation, health papers, blood tests requested by buyers or needed for health papers, flight and transport kennels are the financial responsibilities of the buyer. Since breeding is not an exact science, and although we strive for excellence, we can not guaranty that your kid will become a champion. Genetics, as well as management plays a big role in how your kid will turn out. We guaranty the health of the animals at the time they leave our farm. We can not guaranty health beyond that, as we have no control over the management of the goat once it leaves here. We guaranty that the goat will be in good productive health. If for some unforeseen reason the goat is unable to reproduce, we will replace that animal after we have received a written letter from your veterinarian, stating that the animal is not fertile.
We do reserve the right to select any necessary animals for our own herd. We may require 10 straws of semen be made available to us at collection cost from any buck we sell. We also recommend that buyers wait to market semen from their Ain-Ash-Shams bucks until they have freshened daughters from them.

Milker and Bucks
From time to time we will have some milkers or adult bucks available. If you are interested in an animal please contact us early so that we can put you on our waiting list because they move fast and first come first serve.
Price for family milkers start at $450 and if bred in fall with the buck of your choice start selling for $550.
In order to be put on the waiting list a deposit  of $100  is required with the reminder due as soon as the animal becomes available. Health certificate, additional blood testing and transport cost are responsibilities of the buyer.
Deposits on cancellations are not refundable.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest in Ain-Ash-Shams Dairy Goats. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.


Susanne & Frank-Juergen Stuetzler