Nubian Dairy Goats in Michigan since 2005

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Ain-Ash-Shams KED Leonie LA 2-2 VG89 EEEE
*Saada Khair-Ed-Din X Saada Gado Jagasee
D.o.b. 5/8/2010
Leonie is one of our favorite her, Tall long bodied and very stylish.
She has a beautiful udder, high and wide in the rear with excellent teat placement. She stays on strong feed and legs and has an excellent shoulder assembly.
As a FF she got the highest score on appraisal day and we could not be more happy with that.
We are planning an A.I with *B SG Saada Gandolph Gado for 2013 kidding season with a live backup to Apollo.

Kids $700


only reservation for one buck and one doe still open












Ain-Ash-Shams KED Lilly VG 86 VEE+
D.o.b 5/1/10 
*B Saada Khair-Ed-Din EX 91 EEE X

Saada Winsome Lady Jaydis EX 92 EEEE
black,  black ears
An A.I breeding to *B Saada Bearly Adonijah is planned with a live backup to Tabaluga
Kids $600
















Ain-Ash-Shams KG Taletha
Saada King Gundobald xAin-Ash-Shams KED Belatrix
D.o.b 6-12-11
brown, partial white belt, frosted ears

a breeding to Ikarus is planned
for Dec.2012


kidded with a buckling N.A

Ain-Ash-Shams KED Pennelope GP 84 +EE+

D.o.b 9/8/09
*B Saada Khair-Ed-Din EX 91 EEE
Saada Rhea Calypso
   EX 91 EEEE
Very light blond with white ears

We are planning a breeding to Ain-Ash-Shams KG Apollo for late fall 2013

Kids $500



Ain-Ash-Shams TR Maja Nebula  + 82 ++E+ 

D.o.b. 4/4/10


Lonesome-Doe GE'S Texas Ranger X Ain-Ash-Shams KED Gemini 

Silver,light tan markings, silver ears

WE were very happy when we got the opportunity to bring this doe back in our herd .

The first thing that pops out is her beautiful head with the typical roman nose and long ears.  Maja is a very tall doe that stands on correct feet and legs.Unfortunately she developed mastitis at her previous home that was not treated and did not milk as much as she could have. Subsequently she gained a lot of excess weight. We are working aggressively on her udder and hope to have her back in good shape for the following L.A in 2013.

A breeding is planned to Ain-Ash-Shams Barbosa (A Khair son) per A.I  with life back up to Tabaluga 

We do not take any reservations until further evaluation.